Cannabis In the Media: Part Two

In our last blog we discussed the impotence of our politicians in canvassing cannabis decriminalisation. It appears though there is a trend that spreads past politicians into senior police and judicial figures. While we appreciate their contribution to the landmark Australia21 reports, why did it have to take Former Australia Federal Police Commissioner until he was retired to criticise our pointless war on drugs? Why was it only when they were no longer depending on their constituents’  votes did former WA Premier Geoff Gallop and former Federal Minister for Health Peter Baume take a softer stance on drugs? It is due to the inappropriate stigma around not only drug reform but drug users. To counteract this we here at Cannabis Isn’t Criminal truly think that the more major media personalities vocalise their passion for cannabis decriminalisation, the more un-stigmatised the notion will get and hence the more politicians are likely to actually progress the debate.

Yet there are already some notable figures who are making their voices heard. Let’s take a look at them.

Larry King would be the most recent media personality to voice his support for marijuana decriminalisation, recording this interview for the Huffington Post only last week. Over his many years hosting Larry King Live he conducted many interviews and debates on the topic of marijuana law reform, engaging such well-known guests on the issue as Mick Jagger and Willie Nelson.

Bill Maher is a fervent pro-marijuana individual, frequently bringing up the notion of decriminalisation and legalisation on his talk show Real Time with Bill Maher. Yet he does not stop there; he frequently speaks at pro-cannabis rallies and events, plus also is on the board for the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana in the US, a group which supports regulated legalisation. Bill is a man who is genuinely passionate for change and we think there should be more like him!

Seth MacFarlane not only injects his films (Ted) and television series (Family Guy) with pro-pot references, as seen here in the episode “420”, he is regularly espousing the advantages of marijuana reform on television chat shows with hosts such as Larry King and Bill Maher. As one of the most popular figures in entertainment (he has just been announced to host next year’s Oscars), surely his pro-weed material can help raise the issue’s awareness and popularity.

So what do you think? Do you think these men advocate the cause well? Who in Australia do you think should take up the baton and publicly support the decriminalising of marijuana? Let us know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Cannabis In the Media: Part Two

  1. cottonstop says:

    I think it’s crazy that the former police commissioner only criticised the war on drugs after he served the police force. To me it shows the intrinsic and widespread stigma to broaching this issue. But I think that one day we will look back on this issue and wonder why it was so hard to gain steam. Pretty much every issue in society has taken time to gain tread, for example women’s rights and eradicating racial discimination. We need more media supporting the issue as you suggested, and this will help more prominent people speak out.

    • cannabisisntcriminal says:

      Exactly! It’s so frustrating that there’s no one willing to take the unpopular route and AGREE with decriminalisation. One day hopefully someone will, one day.

  2. BK says:

    Off the cuff, it would appear liberals, or democrats in the US are pushing this agenda. To oversimplify then, to be a republican would be to be against this mediated and opinionated propagation. I wonder if the republicans / beautiful bastards running against decriminalization should be considered in the same gene-pool as Todd Aiken (, If they believe in that sort of thing at all.

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