Welcome to Cannabis isn’t Criminal

Welcome to Cannabis Isn’t Criminal, a new campaign designed to educate and generate awareness of the need for New South Wales to decriminalise cannabis. For too long has the war on marijuana wasted police and judicial resources for a drug that a third of the Australian population has used, despite its illegality.

For too long have black markets profited off the desperation of cannabis addicts who, instead of engaging in dangerous criminal behaviour, should instead be visiting pharmacies where they can receive professional advice where their dependency on cannabis is reduced to a healthy, acceptable level through government treatment and counselling programs.

Decriminalisation should be brought it to counteract the intense destabilising effects a criminal charge can have on a teenager or young adult in their later professional careers. Many young people are having their livelihoods put at risk for a drug that is of minimum harm. The punishment does NOT fit the crime.

A variety of prominent Australian former judicial (NSW Director of Public Prosecutions Nick Cowdery for one) and political figures (former NSW Premier Bob Carr) have for years called on the NSW Government to change their dated perspective of cannabis and follow states such as South Australia and Western Australia in introducing decriminalisation.

This blog plans to educate and illuminate the overwhelming benefits that decriminalisation will bring. Cannabis is not Criminal!



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